Our services

Purchasing ?

Are you looking to purchase a house, apartment, building, commercial premises or

even a building plot?

Our job

To support you throughout the various stages of purchasing a property that meets

your expectations.

Our strengths

A significant and diverse portfolio of properties for sale.

An instant email alert when a property meeting your criteria comes up.

Significant presence in the field.

A comprehensive service in addition to the property search: support with financing,

as well as notarial and tax matters.

A CGS Immobilier adviser who is committed to your project.

Selling ?

We put our knowledge relating to valuation and the sale procedure (property listing,

support, handover of the property, etc.) at the service of selling owners.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like a FREE VALUATION, an

appointment or a listing quotation.

Our consultancy services include tax matters (e.g. tax on property gains and their


On request, we can also produce expert reports, including technical aspects based

on the opinions of architects, engineers or specialists in the field concerned, where


We also deal with the sale of rental properties.


Valuation ?

Valuing property is also one of the services we offer, whether the property is to be:

° maintained as capital

° sold

° purchased

° managed

° rented

The valuation of properties for sale or rent is free of charge and non-binding.

Please do not hesitate to ask for any information regarding the terms and conditions

of valuations for any other purpose or the terms and conditions of a more in-depth

technical report on a property.


Renovating ?

With our knowledge and experience acquired over recent decades, we are able to

advise our clients and assist them with modernising accommodation or carrying out


We work with a network of engineers, architects, technicians and interior decorators

to build extensions to a house, for example, or to convert structural elements.

Please ask our responsible department for information on the terms and conditions of

preliminary studies and cost estimates.


Location – “property management” ?

A range of services “à la carte” is offered, specially reviewed for your location. All

services, whether administrative, technical or financial, can be established on request

or as part of a subscribed service.

If you are travelling or going abroad, we also propose that you leave all the tasks

relating to the maintenance and upkeep of your property to us.

Further information is available on request.